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Guide Lines For Our Guest Posting 

Guide Line

We receive lots of outreach emails for the guest post. To maintain the quality of the content and guest post we added some guidelines. Make sure to follow this in case you wats to get accepted.


We are happy to accept anything related to SEO. Make sure the content you are writing is related to SEO. 

  • Don’t offer something which is covered a hundred times in another blog.
  • We would love to accept that answer to a certain question.
  • You can share step-by-step guides.
  • We also share case studies along with details on how others can do the same.
  • Any evergreen educational content.

Focus on quality

No one likes to read something, nor we would post something that doesn’t add any value. For that reason, while writing adds as many values as you can using different data, charts, and proof.


Feel free to add any links that are connected with resources of content. We don’t sell any links.¬†

Article Length

We don’t put any milestone, but as long as content cover the topic you are focusing we are happy. But send us the topic or article title before sending the content. We will give you an idea of what we are looking for.


In most cases, if you accept the content we create our graphic.

Feel free to reach us, with your idea. jahir@xendup.com